Submit Ideas

The Local Road Research Board (LRRB) welcomes research ideas from Minnesota transportation practitioners. After submittal, your idea will be researched and evaluated to determine whether current solutions to the need/problem exist. We will follow up to let you know our findings. If the idea warrants new research, it will be brought before the LRRB to determine if proposals for research should be sought.

Proposals for potential LRRB research projects are solicited from research institutions in September and October of each year. In December, the LRRB evaluates and selects proposals that will be funded. If your idea for research is selected, you may be asked to serve on the project technical advisory panel. Because funds may be available at other times of the year, ideas are accepted at any time.

To submit your idea, download the form, fill it out in a word processing application and email it as an attachment to , or faxed to (651) 366-3789. You also may print and mail the form to: LRRB, MnDOT Research Services Section, Mail Stop 330, 395 John Ireland Boulevard, St. Paul, MN 55155.

For questions, please contact the LRRB at the MnDOT Research Services Section at (651) 366-3780.

Technical Advisory Panel

Submitting an idea doesn’t volunteer you to lead the project, but please consider becoming a member of a technical advisory panel (TAP) that guides the researchers who conduct the project. The LRRB encourages city and county engineers to serve on the TAP.

As a TAP member, you will attend a limited number of meetings and review the research results. You will help researchers and the LRRB in finding the most productive ways to apply research results to the field. TAP members who are city and county engineers sometimes benefit directly from assisting with implementation. To participate, contact a LRRB board member.