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April 2015 Systems Preservation Guide

This presentation discusses a planning process for local governments to use for managing their transportation networks. It explores pilot projects in three Minnesota counties, which incorporated road condition analysis and strategies to address funding gaps, and offers lessons learned from each.

May 2012 Implementation of Pavement Management in Minnesota

This report was developed as a resource for Minnesota local agencies, focusing on the capabilities, applications, and benefits of current pavement management systems used on local road systems in Minnesota. This resource will provide information to help local agencies without a PMS to evaluate, select, and justify the purchase and operational costs of a PMS; additionally, it will help local agencies who have a PMS to better use and enhance their capabilities. This report has a related PowerPoint and Brochure:

ID No.: INV645

May 2012 Training Module for Pavement

Over a period of many years, LRRB and FHWA Investigations have produced information relating to selecting the most effective Pavement Rehabilitation Strategies. In addition to these efforts, the FHWA has produced training modules incorporating Pavement Rehabilitation Selection methods. The objective of this task was to synthesize these efforts and develop a training module summarizing the best practices suitable for use by local agencies in Minnesota. The separate modules of the overall training include:

ID No.: INV645

March 2004 Tool Kit for a Career in Civil Engineering