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Date Produced Title

October 2014 Traffic Sign Maintenance/Management Handbook

The Minnesota LRRB and MnDOT have updated the Minnesota’s Best Practices for Traffic Sign Maintenance/Management Handbook to include the current sign retroreflectivity requirements, updated information about expected sign life and typical sign maintenance budgets and documentation of successes achieved by townships in removing signs. The handbook is intended to provide local governments with guidance about recommended sign maintenance methods that will help them meet FHWA’s adopted retroreflectivity performance measures and implementation deadlines.

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Report No.: 2014RIC20
Date produced: October 2014

October 2012 Minnesota Snow and Ice Control Field Handbook for Snowplow Operators

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Report No.: 2005-01 REV
Date produced: October 2012

September 2011 Minnesota’s Best Practices and Policies for Safety Strategies on Highways and Local Roads

This handbook aims to reduce the number of severe crashes on the state’s highway system by helping agencies design, operate, and maintain their systems of roads and highways. A spinoff from the ongoing County Road Safety Plan efforts, this resource contains traffic safety strategies, sample policies and best practices information to support agencies as they implement their own policies.

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Report No.: 2011-21
Date produced: September 2011

October 2010 Minnesota’s Best Practices for Traffic Sign Maintenance/Management

This Handbook is intended to provide local agencies with information to help maintain the traffic signs on their system of roads. The Handbook identifies maintenance methods, provides an overview of estimated annual maintenance costs and includes a discussion of policy development, conducting engineering studies and a summary of what is known about the effectiveness of traffic signs.

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Report No.: RIC 10
Date produced: October 2010

January 2009 Snow and Ice Calibration Manual and Training

The purpose of this guide book is to provide easy-to-use steps for calibrating snowplow sander controllers. It is an experience-based guide that captures tips and techniques learned by experienced calibrators. It provides easy-to-use detailed calibration steps with step-by-step instructions. Each instruction step includes a picture to help with clarity. Also, “Quick Calibration Sheets” (one-pagers) are included with less detailed (quicker) instructions to assist calibrators who are already experienced. The guide also includes calibration forms, and a general discussion about calibration. It covers both automatic and manual controllers. It suggests approaches for both open-loop and closed-loop automatic controllers. The primary automatic controller covered is the ForceAmerica unit. A general approach is given for calibrating any manual controller type. The guide covers both calibration and verification. It also suggests “when to calibrate.” The guide includes quick calibration sheets, calculation worksheets, and blank calibration forms.

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Report No.: 2009RIC08
Date produced: January 2009

September 2006 2006 State Aid Concrete Pavement Rehabilitation Best Practices Manual

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Report No.: 2006-31
Date produced: September 2006

June 2006 Minnesota Seal Coat Handbook 2006

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Report No.: 2006-34
Date produced: June 2006

September 2004 Use of Warranties in Highway Construction

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Report No.: 2004-40
Date produced: September 2004

March 2004 Toolkit for a Career in Civil Engineering

April 2003 Erosion Control Manual for Local Roads

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Report No.: 2003-08
Date produced: April 2003

April 2001 Asphalt Pavement Maintenance – Field Handbook

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Report No.: 2001-05
Date produced: April 2001

September 2000 Best Practices Handbook on Roadside Vegetation Management

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Report No.: 2000-19
Date produced: September 2000

February 2000 Best Practices Handbook on Asphalt Pavement Maintenance

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Report No.: 2000-04
Date produced: February 2000

August 1989 Pavement Rehabilitation: A Guide for MN Cities & Counties

Not available online. Click here to ask a librarian for a copy.

Report No.: 1989-01
Date produced: August 1989