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December 2014 Heavy Truck Impact Calculator

This Excel-based tool calculates the impact of a variety of heavy vehicles on local asphalt roads. The tool will help local agencies make informed decisions when developments such as construction, distribution centers or hauling routes create an unexpected increase in heavy vehicle traffic on a temporary or permanent basis, and it will aid in planning if these traffic increases can be predicted.

View the tool

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Date produced: December 2014

June 2012 ADA Transition Plan for Public Rights of Way Guide

The federal American with Disabilities Act was passed in 1990 requiring all public agencies to develop a transition plan to identify physical obstacles that limit accessibility and identify and schedule necessary improvements. In response to this, the MN Local Road Research Board (LRRB) funded the development of an “ADA Resource Guide for Local Agencies.”  This guide includes a model transition plan and process guidelines for providing accessibility within the public rights of way, that local agencies can use to develop their own transition plan.

Right-click this link and Save As to download a zip file of the ADA Transition Plan interactive document.

ID No.: 2012RIC01
Date produced: June 2012

August 2011 Minnesota Research Test Section Tracking

The Office of Materials, Road Research Section, is developing this system with the help of the Local Road Research Board that will allow each individual champion to collectively enter a project name, purpose, locations, and comments for each test section developed. The system archives information for others to build upon with the use of other test sections or performance or material testing databases being developed within the state. The purpose of this Web tool is to assist the engineering community in the design of hot mix asphalt (HMA) pavements.

View the Web tool: dotapp7.dot.state.mn.us/ResearchTracking

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Date produced: August 2011

July 2010 Best Practices: Managing Interactions between Local Authorities and Major Traffic Generators

This document contains a wide range of information contained in a single, downloadable interactive document. The document allows easy access to the following content:
  • Web links and reports
  • Sample ordinances, permits, agreements and maps
  • Traffic calculator to quantify the traffic impact on roads
  • Policy options to recapture roadway maintenance costs
  • Experience from current or past projects
  • Research information
County engineers in other states, other road authorities, and wind power developers themselves also may find this information valuable. While this tool is focused on LWECS’s, it is broad enough that it could also be used when a county is dealing with any other enterprise that affects the roads under its jurisdiction.

The interactive document discussed above can be downloaded here:
Major Traffic Generators Interactive Document

In addition, the Traffic Calculator Tool (to help quantify impacts to roads) can be found here:
Traffic Generators Impact Tool (in xls format) [Save to your folder. Once opened, you must enable macros so spreadsheet will work as intended.]

ID No.: N/A
Date produced: July 2010

July 2006 Project Memo Writer (State Aid website)

This is a tool to assist you on your quest for federal funds. You register your project, receive approval via email, continue filling in project information as it becomes available, and then email the project memo to your DSAE and saltpmwriter for review prior to printing. After the thumbs up, print out the required number of copies, sign and send them in for signature.


ID No.: N/A
Date produced: July 2006

June 2006 Crash Mapping and Analysis Tool (Software)

The Minnesota Crash Mapping Analysis Tool (MnCMAT) enables users to analyze crash data based on a number of attributes.

View the Tool: www.dot.state.mn.us/stateaid/crashmapping.html

Date produced: June 2006

March 2005 Hot Mix Asphalt Design Tool

The purpose of this Web tool is to assist the engineering community in the design of hot mix asphalt (HMA) pavements.

View the Tool: www.mnltap.umn.edu/tools/hma

ID No.: N/A
Date produced: March 2005

January 2005 Traffic Calming in Minnesota

This website was developed with the specific purpose of disseminating information on traffic calming projects that have been implemented in the State of Minnesota.

Visit Website

ID No.: N/A
Date produced: January 2005