LRRB Announces New Research Projects

The Minnesota Local Road Research Board (LRRB) recently announced its fiscal year 2017 projects. Together with the Minnesota Department of Transportation’s Transportation Research Innovation Group (TRIG), the two organizations selected 20 research proposals totaling about $2.9 million that will focus on innovative approaches that protect the environment, increase transportation system safety, improve construction methods, and allow our transportation systems to operate in more cost-effective ways.

According to MnDOT Research Management Engineer Hafiz Munir, researchers were specifically asked how they would quantify their results, what benefits the research could achieve, and how their research could be implemented in the future. “Now we’ll be able to track those metrics and that will help us not only quantify the potential benefits of the projects, but also implement the results,” Munir said. “The bottom line is that we will be able to not only save money, but also improve the way we do business.”

Approved LRRB research projects include:
• Development and Demonstration of a Cost Effective In-Vehicle Lane Departure and Advanced Curve Speed Warning System

• In-vehicle Dynamic Curve Speed Warnings at High Risk Rural Curves
• Regional Optimization of Roadside Turfgrass Seed Mixtures
• Minnesota Culvert Manual to Accommodate Aquatic Species Passage
• Effective Social Media Engagement Options for Minnesota’s Diversifying Population
• Field Investigation of Bridge Deck Reinforced with GFRP Rebar
• Signing for Effective Roundabout Approach Speed Reduction
• Work Zone Intrusion Report Interface Design
• Investigating the Necessity and Prioritizing Pavement Markings on Low Volume Roads
• Comparison of Performances of Structural Fibers and Development of a Specification for using Structural Fibers in Thin Concrete Overlays
• Transportation Investment and Job Creation in Minnesota Counties
• Optimized Taconite-Based Pavement Repair Compound and Deployment System
• Permeable Pavement for Road Salt Reduction
• Iron-Enhanced Swale Ditch Checks for Phosphorus Removal

To participate in any of these projects, please contact Hafiz Munir at (651) 366-3757 or

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June 13, 2016